A sampling of menus on offer at Loblaws/RCSS and/or for private dinner parties/in-home cooking lessons:

The Fridge WhispererTM Fast & Fabulous Family Faves

Join Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," for some healthy, budget-friendly mealtime inspiration. Learn Deb's secrets for making never-fail béchamel—a "mother sauce"—that she'll combine with everyday refrigerator and pantry finds to create low fat baked burritos and creamy mac 'n cheese. Factor in a salad the kids will love and a four-ingredient elegant dessert, and you've got family-friendly recipes you'll be proud to serve to company, too.

The Fridge WhispererTM "Cooking out Loud"

Let Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," show you how to spice things up in the kitchen! Using common fridge and pantry ingredients, Deb will create quick, budget-friendly recipes guaranteed to stir your passion. Start the evening sampling savoury wild mushroom Napoleons, enriched with fine herbs and spices. Next course, a zesty spinach and fig ravioli pooled in piquant tomato-basil butter. And, for the grand finale, a caramelized banana tart with chocolate chilli sauce. Oh my!

The Fridge WhispererTM "Condiment Confidential"

Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," shows you how to create a five-star menu using inexpensive supermarket condiments and everyday refrigerator and pantry finds. In minutes she'll have you tucking into warm lemon-chive croissants served with a dollop of creamy pepper jelly conserve. For the main course, fresh egg fettuccini in a tomato vodka cream topped with pesto-perfect jumbo shrimp. End this memorable evening with a decadent vanilla-maple crème brûlée.

Chef Deb's It's all Greek to Me

Join Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," and discover her secrets for creating authentic Greek food at home. Tonight Deb will demonstrate classic Greek Salad and from-scratch Tzatziki Sauce to accompany succulent marinated Pork and Chicken Shish Kebabs sided by Lemon-Oregano rice. End the evening sampling decadent Toasted Walnut Baklava. Everyone say OPA!

Chef Deb's Pub Night at the Rover's Return

Join Rogers TV cuisinier and diehard Coronation Street fan, "Chef Deb," for an evening of classic Rovers fare. Start off your pub night munching on homemade cheese straws and sampling an icy cold PC de-alcoholised beer. Next, find out the secrets to making authentic English-style Fish & Chips that are so delicious you'll never order take out again. End the evening sampling scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth Lemon Scones with Strawberry Conserve & Devonshire Cream.

Chef Deb's Postcards from Paris: A Summer Remembered

Join Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," as Deb recreates some of her favourite Parisian dishes she learned last summer while on a culinary caravan through Europe. Start with classic French Onion Soup crowned with a Garlicky Crouton and Gooey Gruyère Cheese. Next, learn the secrets to making Croquet Monsieur, the City of Light's much-loved sandwich. For dessert, homemade Crepes with Strawberries & Whipped Cream nicely round out the meal.

Chef Deb's Gastronomic World Tour

Join Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," as she revisits some of her favourite global foodie haunts. Start the evening in Morocco at Fez's Riad Ibn Battouta, sampling scrumptious Brioutates (feather-light phyllo pastry stuffed with beef and Moroccan spices). Next, it's off to Maniago, Italy for Zia Nilda's decadent Four Cheese 'Crepe' Cannelloni. Finish your tour in the city of light savouring buttery-sweet Madeleines, the quintessential Parisian cookie.

Chef Deb's Comfort Food 101

Join Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," as she demonstrates dead-easy delicious comfort food recipes guaranteed to impress everyone at your supper table. Start with her signature Roasted Butternut Squash Soup followed by an entrée of succulent Vegetable-Dusted Pork Tenderloin with Port Wine Reduction pan sauce and Herb-Roasted Baby Red Potatoes. End the meal with a delectable, 4-ingredient mouth-puckering lemon tart with raspberry coulis.

Chef Deb's Hands-on Appetizers (2-hour class)

Join Rogers TV cuisinier, "Chef Deb," for a fun-filled time making Summer's-just-around-the-corner appetizers. Using phyllo, puff, and wonton pastry, you'll make incredibly flavourful Curried Chicken Cigars, impressive looking Pesto Pinwheels, and delectable Surimi & Herbed Cream Cheese Two-Bite Canapés. Learn the correct techniques for clarifying butter, getting the best "lift" from puff pastry and the many ways in which wonton pastry can be used.

Chef Deb's Tour de Fez: Morocco's Gastronomic Capital of the Universe!

Join Culinary Caravan's world traveller for a trip down memory lane... or should we say "medina." Let Chef Deb share with you the secrets of Riad Ibn Battouta's "brioutates"—feather-light phyllo pastry stuffed with beef and Moroccan spices. Next, sample a tajine of chicken, olives and preserved lemons served over a bed of couscous dressed with world-renown argan oil. For dessert, apricot and almond phyllo pastries are sure to satiate one's sweet tooth. Welcome to the Kasbah!
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